Stumbling towards sustainable

I am in an ultra-transitional time.

I’ve just finished a five year project restoring a derelict house to urban desirability, and sold it.  I made some money on the sale; which I am grateful for, which gives me choices.

These are my options for my sale proceeds, the way I see it:
a.  fire proof safe
b.  bank
c.  buy property
Only c seems intelligent.

I was planning my version of a caution-to-the-wind pleasure blitz, while we still have oil-soaked infrastructure fabric (an extensive BC camping/hiking tour, a trip to see Cuban sustainability initiatives, a healing retreat, a slow and thorough cross-Canada scamp on wheels), but I find that when the moment comes, it doesn’t feel right to bank the cash and have a good time.  At the very least buying some land, any, provides a sense of security, like insurance.   “If money evaporates or S starts THTF, we always have some property to go grub out a garden on.”

So my requirements for property are pretty basic.  At least 2 acres, preferably 5+, part cleared, part treed, with some water source.  A shelter of some kind even better.  Barns and outbuildings make me really excited- I just imagine chickens in them.
I can even afford to own some property outright, provided it’s on the LOW edge of what’s on offer, aka, the first 10 results of any realty search.  This means REALLY northern BC, Saskatchewan, or the Maritimes.

Since I’ve also just had a major knee surgery, I’m now spending most of my convalesence browsing tabs, trying to divine what perfect combination of clearing, forest and “rustic dwelling” may be a future jewel of permaculture.
Life after the Oil Crash

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  1. Prince Edward Island is a beautiful area with good soil and cheap land. I lived there for 2 years and was amazed by the strong sense of community. I think the taxes are high though…

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