Organization glory

How daunting, overwhelming, and energetically crushing is the sight of a jumbled heap of “stuff” that is patently un-useful unless it is united with others of its kind (loaded bobbins, batteries, etc).  For instance, I never think, “I really need a blue Sharpie.  I’m gonna look in that shoebox of half-finished sudokus, mixed tapes, and not-quite-empty vitamin bottles that’s in the back of the closet.”   No, I’m gonna look in the box of office supplies, and if the blue Sharpie hasn’t found its multi-coloured cousins there, it’s SOL.

Packing continues.

This means, hauling out those dusty embarrassing boxes of junk compilations that provoke soul-searching questions like “What was wrong with me that I sheltered this in my valuable mortgaged home for years?” and returning the pens that still work, the profligate hair elastics, and the errant sewing notions to their proper locations.

And that, it turns out, is shockingly satisfying.  Any Feng Shui book would tell you this, but I guess we species enjoy the hard way, and there’s nothing like moving to enforce it on you:  Ignored, unorganized junk is an energetic anchor on the soul, and knowing with certainty where every single paper clip in the house is, and that they are all together (in one carousing private paper clip party I’m sure) gives your spirit wings.

Unfortunately, even recent experience and full knowledge of how good it’s going to feel once done doesn’t make tackling the tasks any easier.  I use my full arsenal of procrastination techniques, whiny excuses to self, chocolate abuse, and denial before any junk-tackling breakthroughs burst through to win the day.

Today, I took on my sewing supplies and won.  The fabric aspect is done already – that was easy because I love fabric so much.  Separating buttons from bobbins- not so much.  I give you – Notions in a Tote!  All my reference paperwork and interfacing at the bottom, velcro, ribbon, zippers all congregated, and all the threads wound and hooked on the grabbers on their spools.  It’s a gold-star day.


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