Purring makes me smile

CIMG9944At the risk of becoming a sloppy cat blog, I am being overwhelmed with love for my cat.  Everything she does is the cutest thing EVER. I can’t even believe I’ve become a cat person, and I’m so attached to her. I’ve become very sensitive to her and I think, vice versa.  I can tell from a distance if she’s hungry or needs something.  When she stretches out a paw to touch me (“More petting now please“), or stretches out and snuggles into my leg, I get so happy I think I’ll burst. Now I think it’s “cute” when she stands on the backspace key.  She purrs more than ever, sometimes rests a paw or her face in my hand, always sleeps with me at night, and in a major recent breakthrough, allowed me to stroke her belly.  She seems happier than ever, too.  She’s really content in the camper, I think mostly because she doesn’t need to move very far to be a full participant in anything, and it’s impossible to be out of her sight at any time.  She likes to know what’s going on.

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