Nostalgia proof

Does it ever need a paint job!

I have no nostalgia at all.  I can’t even vividly remember the house now.  Everyone asks constantly, do you miss it?  I miss the neighbours, but not having a house, oh no.  I’m deeply enjoying the reprieve from having every month pivot on the day the mortgage is due.  Lots of people get rigid, cramped expressions on their faces when I grin and announce I’m living out of a Boler parked in a friend’s backyard, but I’m thrilled to be living exactly within my unemployed means.  It feels so much healthier than that big house.

The lap of luxury is at the end of an extension cord in my little bubble, with an electric heater, two propane burners and a fridge.  All one could need, only in miniature. 

Most of the camper is original, from the 70’s, and much of it could use an update.  The fridge freezes everything in it, and I’m afraid to use the propane heater.  Mr. S got everything working, but 30-yr-old propane fittings still make me nervous.  I’m not sure how long it will remain comfortable into the winter, either.  We’ll see how long the heater can keep the cold air front at bay against the thin walls of the camper.  I’m firmly resisting making any decisions about the future still.  I’m holding out for some more space for perspective.

 I started in on the interior renovation; made a new set of curtains and did some painting.  I’m so thrilled with the cabinets.  Of course there’re no before pictures, because I only think of those halfway through any job, but being transformed from dark faux wood grain to a serene “Mushroom Bounty” (I really want a job naming paint colours- do they hire psychologists?) makes it look like a cute 1960’s kitchen.

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