HHing history is made!

Had a rather magical hitchhike into Calgary from Banff.  That could easily be a one-ride trip, but this time, there were several short jaunts and I got dropped off in odd places.  Rides were ultra-fast, as I’m spoiled to expect, more than once first-car-by, and I had the familiar knowing when I see a vehicle in the distance that it will be the one to pick me up.

For the first time, I was picked up by someone who had picked me up once before!  I’m not counting neighbours or ski hill roads- mountain regulars are the same as neighbours.  In this case, in another province, several months apart, the same woman gives me a ride.  Never happened before.

I was pretty excited about this.  In all my hitchhiking career, I’ve oft thought it remarkable that it didn’t happen, considering how many rides I’ve had,  how I’m often in the same region, and that there is a minority subset of people who stop for hitchhikers, and those who stop usually always stop.

She was pretty nonchalant about it.  We completely remembered each other, and I guess giving me two rides made me trustworthy, as she insisted on giving me her number and ordering me to call if I get stuck near her home.  Some people are dazzingly generous.

Another guy picked me up in my dream vehicle.  I didn’t even know it was my dream vehicle, but now I do, and I’m going to get one.   I’d never even heard of it.  So that was also wonderful, to suddenly have the rather large “research possible vehicles” item completely crossed off my to-do list in one stroke.

One thought on “HHing history is made!”

  1. I love that the same person picked you up! That makes for a great story.

    Glad to see that you are getting out and about ( the leg isn’t slowing you down any).


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