In gorgeous, tourism-on-steroids Banff today to see my genius surgeon, Dr. Mark Heard, for the verdict on my progress at the three month mark, and hopefully go-ahead to do more stuff.  I can’t wait to skate.

The hostel was “interesting”.  First time I’ve ever paid to sleep on a sofabed.  Not only was it a bit weird to have to kick people off of the sofa so that you can sleep on it, but in the morning one of my roommates was waiting for me to vacate so he could lounge on it again!

The whole room was carpeted with the garbage, clothes, and belongings of the group already living there.  Someone was always roaming around hunting for something.  Have you seen my phone/pillow/sock/jumper?  They seemed very well established.  In and out in one night, I was the interloper.  I was told it was the last bed in the place that night.  Not a surprise.

On the plus side, I wasn’t waking anyone rolling in just before midnight, and the sofabed was a double, totally comfortable.  But an unusual hostel experience.  Usually people keep their stuff gathered somewhat around their beds, not exploded and mixed together all over the room.

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