Cows and town

Eye is recovering nicely now.  I’m not self-conscious any more with one eye swollen and weeping like I’ve been crying with half my face for a month.

I’m having fun riding the C-train around with trivial destinations and seeing what I find.  I’ve spent a generous amount of time in one cozily disheveled discount movie theatre, watching $3 movies, auditing portions of flicks I didn’t pay for, and getting free popcorn refills.  Although it must cost more overall to live in a major centre, it’s remarkable how cheap so many things are.  I’m giddy about two purchases:  one pair of sexy fun boots that will last two years, and one pair of harness boots that will last twenty, probably more.  I figured Calgary would be the place to shop for boots, what with all the leather grazing around here, but these boots are made in Winnipeg.  And they’re still there.  They’re coming by mail, as the lovely older man in the Western store couldn’t come up with the right colour and size combo for me.  Can’t wait!

I haven’t done many improving activities.  I know there’s progressive stuff happening in Cowtown under the radar, but I’ve been sleepy and lazy.  That may have something to do with the drugs, too, as I am on painkillers.  I’m supposed to be still and asleep as much as possible, while body repairs scorched cornea.

Hanging in the hostel is funny.  EVERYONE has a laptop these days.  And they all have them open all the time- in the kitchen, all the common rooms, in bed.  It’s a wonder the hostel wireless can handle it.  I’ve sighted two open books, and two writing implements in use.  Probably over 60 laptops.  The world has changed.

So groups of us sit around, crowding the couches, all of us typing and staring and sometimes giggling at the screen instead of talking to each other.  It seems at times Orwellian and anti-social, but in another way, it seems to promote community.  A few people sitting beside each other for a prolonged period share space and eye contact, feel entitled to eavesdrop and interject on each other, then big conversations get going, with mediation from Wikipedia; laptops get passed around and crowded around to look at pictures; and the snacks and drinks start to circulate.  Not so bad.

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