Safe travels

Made it home just fine on Thursday.

Marriage proposals: three.  Offers of money for sex: one.  A successful trip.

Big news of the journey was that the urge to write “The hitchhiking book” surged up in me again along the way, this time in a motivated, urgent, desireful way, instead of an “I need to do that someday” way.  I even had to stop between rides to type for an hour, I was so filled with urgency to start.

Another sigh of grateful relief for having sold the house- I can write it now.  I have the time to do it.  There’s a few garden-variety resistances-fear of failure/success/putting in the work, but I know how to deal with those and still get the job done.  And all I need to do for a refreshing dose of motivation is to get back on the road and hitch somewhere.

One thought on “Safe travels”

  1. I envy your spirit and “guts” about traveling seems so easy for you. Part of me would love to get on the road but the safe side of me seems happy to stay home and continue daily routines each day. Glad to hear you are ok and feeling better. My cat Ohshi says hello to Kevin. Meow!!! Melody

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