Truck truck truck

See how it glistens in the rain...that incessant rain we've been having

Overwhelmingly  in love with my truck!  It’s full of fun gadgetry- took ages for the previous owner to explain them all to me, with their odd symbols.  Fog lights, robotic collapsing side mirrors, heated seats, adjustable shocks, altimeter, compass, digi interior/exterior thermometer, giant sun/moon roof, auto temperature settings, floor storage, headlight washers, and an emergency flare.  Diesel of course, so I can put bio in it.  The stereo is so sophisticated I couldn’t figure out how to change the radio channel, and it can bluetooth my phone for handsfree chatting- not a headset, but the kind that will make passing drivers think you’re a crazy person talking to yourself.  I couldn’t get that hooked up yet either though, even with the help of an 11yr old- the one I have to ask when I need help with MY camera.

But most of all, it’s sexxxxy!  I can’t even explain why, but I think it’s gorgeous and pretty and hot!  As my friend said right away: “OMG, I want to climb on top of it!” I’m instantly over envying anyone’s Rav4s and Toyotas and flashy hybrids, that cost 8x as much.  Well, I still envy Smart cars, but you can’t tow a camper with those.

I got to test it immediately in all the adverse conditions on my way home from Kelowna.  Night, snow, and mountains.  The right hand drive wasn’t as hard as I thought to get used to.  It came pretty naturally to keep it between the lines- the passenger’s view is familiar.  It took a lot longer to learn the indicator is on the other side.  I was turning the wipers on every time I forgot to concentrate, but by the time I made it home I didn’t have to think about it anymore.  I find it a dream to drive.  There’s no blind spot for changing lanes, it feels safer to be sitting on the white line instead of the yellow, and parallel parking is effortless.  Laughably effortless.

Supposedly, we’re meant to be on the yellow line side of our cars for the better view pulling out and passing.  That’s bogus to me.  If you have to nudge out into the other lane to see if there’s a car coming, you shouldn’t be trying to pass.  Passing lanes come eventually.  Take a deep breath and a big gulp of chill-the-F-out.

I haven’t tested the inconvenience of  a drive-thru window yet (possibly because I could count the years since I’ve been through one in decades, not years), but one clear advantage:  with a right hand drive, when you pull over to pee by the road, the driver gets the shelter of the open door!

Macbook is co-pilot. I couldn't figure out the stereo in the dark and was jonesing for music, so I had to get creative.

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