The five pallet compost

First things first.  We need a compost.


The flu released me this morning.  After three days of staggering anytime I needed to move, and fearing fainting at any moment, I’m surprised to feel practically full strength immediately.  I cleaned up a number of little nests of junk that were making my eyes hurt today.  That was quite esthetically satisfying.

One of the major nests was lamentably in the ideal location for a compost bin (thanks for finding it, Mogi).  By the horse manure pile, where stink and flies already make their home, out of sight of our dwellings, and in Mucky’s turf, where the bear fears to tread.

It all went shockingly smooth and faster than I expected.  When does that happen?  Lumber (and random fencing, barbed wire, garbage, tarps, etc) out, pallets in, and … we’re done.  Practically built itself.  There’s only about a half-dozen nails in this.

Pallets rule.  I have weird affection for pallets, because I appreciate the (very, very, I know) simple elegance of their design and their underrated versatility and workhorse endurance.   Unfortunately, it’s often hard to build anything with them without taking them apart because they’ll be different shapes or design or something. For this, they’re perfect.  Built-in air space for circulation, the right size and height, and they go together like blocks.  I put pallets on the back of my compost slots because the fence is not sturdy enough here to support compost being heaped against it.

I’m so thrilled to be able to build something with pallets that they’re perfect for.  Plus, I dragged them out of the barn, so there’s a whole ‘nother nook ‘o junk that got cleaned up there.  Of course, the one in the middle being taller than the others deeply offends my sense of symmetry, but not enough to make me get out the sawzall and 100’ cord right now.

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