What Ozone Layer?

There are birdhouses everywhere around this place.  Scattered about, picturesquely decrepit.I can’t understand this phenomenon.  Sunburn? What’s that?  After two hours?  WTF?  Not me.  I think I’ve only been sunburned enough to peel three times ever, and all of those involved all day stints in the sun, so ten hours or more of exposure.  For me to burn in a morning is unheard of, and I’m not adjusting well.  Is it my aging skin or the thinning atmospheric membrane?

Wearing sleeves and pants all day?  Are you serious, I can’t wear shorts for consecutive days?  Yet, here I am, only three days into a sunny period, and my skin has that reddish tone of brown and slight tenderness and there’s a telltale sun headache to close the case.  I suppose this means I should make friends with sunscreen.  I’ll start by getting some.

What I have instituted is the midday sun siesta.  It should be a social habit spreading across the latitudes as the ozone layer retreats.  Doesn’t Australia do this already, shut down outdoor work at midday?   It’s necessary to hide from the sun between noon and 3, or more ideally 11 til 4.  It’s nice to retreat indoors after some five or six hours of morning work, eat some food, read a little, write a little, and maybe nap or take a solar shower.

These days, I also hydrate my cat and sit with her as she lies in some discomfort, staring and resigned as her body slowly redistributes the cup full of fluid that makes a flabby pouch under her “arm”.  She’s very good at siesta.  It may have something to do with wearing a chic fur coat all summer that she can’t take off.

"I'm wilting on the floor here"Speaking of, I just moved the camper into the shadow of the barn because Kev was letting me know it was so hot, she’s gonna keel over.  Ahhh, shade.  I don’t have the same view.  Now I open the door into the barn door- nothing like waking up to your work- but this will help us survive until we get some insulation between us and the sun.

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