I love this Roxul stuff!

I can’t say enough about how much I love working with this insulation.  That’s something I thought I’d never say.  What I love most is the way the batts hold their shape.  Having batts fold down and gently flop on your head sounds like a small thing, but it’s about the most annoying thing ever.  And if the stud cavities aren’t the perfect size, then fiberglass is doing that, all the time.  But this Roxul is so thick and rigid that it never flops.  You do have to cut very accurately, but it’s easier to cut straighter.
Supposedly it’s more environmentally friendly, too.
I feel it in my throat and lungs, although it doesn’t seem especially dusty, and it doesn’t itch NEARly as much as fiberglass.  I’m working with it here in 30-35 degree weather, not only that but in the peak of the two story barn, where I swear it’s hitting 45 and up.  Not that I want to roll around in the stuff but fiberglass in this heat would be hell on earth, and the Roxul is really not that bad.

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