Living with Wildlife

Omega-3 is the cutest!  About the size and colour of a flying squirrel, with big pink mouse ears.  I caught a glimpse when s/he was doing laps in the lane between my stacked boxes and the wall while I was quietly writing after dark.

I also know now it’s not nesting in my stuff, but rather in a corner of the “old barn”, the exiled, untouched, un-reno’ed third of the barn that I’m not working on, and it’s dragging in grapes and grape leaves from the vine on the outside of the barn.

I know this rodent could be a BIG problem in many ways, but I have this romantic notion that we can all get along.  I really don’t want to trapkill or poison it, and as long as it doesn’t fuck with me and my stuff, can’t we co-exist?

I just need it to be a little quieter.  I’m used to the scurrying, but get startled awake by the gnaw, gnaw, gnawing.  I stare, listening, trying to think of what the hell the packrat could be destroying now, and wondering if there’s anything worth getting up for to check on or maybe save.

But I can’t find any damage in the daytime.  Although at night it sounds like a beaver is consuming a 2×4 under my bed, I can’t find evidence of what O-3 is snacking on in the night.

Mogi’s cats only work the day shift, so until I have lockup and can borrow one and make him spend the night in the barn, the packrat is safe during the day.  Maybe Ill just leave my compressor plugged in overnight, so it can randomly scare the daylights out of both of us in the wee hours.

It’s kind of nice, to hear life around me.  Sometimes I hear Mucky chewing or sighing, and the packrat being a packrat in the night… it’s not so bad.Living with Wildlife

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