All is well at home

Sliding back into life and business as usual at home.  Iceland is receding into my semi-relevant history, at least for everyone else.  “Hey, you’ve been away for a while, right?  Where?  How was that?”, as though I can sum it up in a few words and we can get on to what’s at hand.

For me it remains visceral and present.  Iceland changed me, and part of me remains there.  All day I’m thinking of the horses and the lava and opening my eyes in the morning to sky.  Iceland, Iceland, Iceland!  Like thinking of blue cars makes them appear, I see connections to Iceland all the time now in places I would never have noticed before.

At home it’s getting colder and more motivating to get the barn sealed up.  I have a pet packrat now and firewood to cut and it’s time to make money.  Worst of all, I have no Internet!  Bell’s Turbostick has utterly failed me, so posting posts is a terrible ordeal…

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