Look at this place we live

This photo is from deeper in the winter, not this particular fall day

Last night I was talking with a favorite elderly friend of mine who described his philosophy of life as “answering the call when it came”.   He described three literal phone calls that determined the direction of his life, but he was also talking about the call of the heart, that made him, for instance, choose his wife.

It made me think about how my life has arrived at this point.  I never expected to live on the East Shore.  The whole structure of my life is different now because of one phone call.  Mogi: “There’s this house. I want you to look at it with me”.

And I love it so much.  I would never have anticipated being so happy here, in this place, on this land, on the Riondel VFD, on the Kootenay Bay ferry almost every day and sleeping at the feet of some of Canada’s most beautiful forested mountains.

Today I was driving along the lake in an autumn slant of light that was escaping from the press of grey lumpy clouds to either side, and the bright orange leaves half on the trees and half strewn on the road everywhere contrasting with the pale white powdered alpine.  The snow line hasn’t come down to touch us yet, so the snow world is still visiting with the red and gold world.

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