This morning I went to put on a sweater and I didn’t have it.  I was in Winners a little while ago and had a sweater in my hand- well, two sweaters- both quite beautiful.  Soft, natural fibres.  The sixty dollar one was lovely but I didn’t like the buttons and I could’ve made it, and the fifty dollar one was almost perfect but I’d have to put a hood on it, and I just couldn’t countenance paying fifty dollars for a sweater I was going to adapt.  Besides, they’re probably both made in China, and there are three million just like it walking around in the world already.  So I bought neither, and thus I did not have a sweater this morning.

This always happens.  I suffer from Icanmakeititis, so I purchase almost nothing that I’m capable of making, which is most things.  Furniture, jewelry, knitwear, almost all clothes.  I can’t make footwear, socks (who can make socks for pennies anyways?), watches, and stretchy stuff, like leggings.

But do I make it?  No.  There are so many things I want to make in a whole world full of other things I want to do, so, I never get around to it.   This is why I don’t have a sweater today.

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