First snow!

I've been terrible at pictures lately.  Technology: frustrating.

The first snow stuck today- a beautiful white carpet that makes even the broken overturned wheelbarrow look picturesque.  It’s always a surprise, the first time you glance outside and the view through the window is white instead of browns and greens.  Its not cold enough for the ground to be frozen underneath the snow so footprints squish through, and the snow is just light enough to make little caps on the top of the shovel handles and car antenna.

I got the camper tucked in in the nick of time.  Am I ready for winter?  Well, outside, I’m happy enough.  There’s some wood to be bucked up and a pile of boards I should have brought in, but mostly I’ve cleaned up everything that I will be unhappy to see poking out of the slush in the springtime.  Inside, well, hmmm.  No woodstove yet although the excessively expensive chimney bits are all sitting there ready to go.  Two windows that should really be done, ditto on the materials sitting there waiting.  But it’s not too cold yet.  I miss my cat.  If she were still alive I’d HAVE to move faster, because she wouldn’t stand for these conditions.

Snow tires- now there I’m seriously behind.  After this weekend, I’m going to have to have them to drive, and I do not.  I’m hoping to get Green Diamond Tires (patented in Iceland!  I’m so excited about these tires!!!) but no one has heard of them here and I have to do more research to see if I can make them appear here for me.

I sense a crusade coming.  I foresee putting my truck on blocks and taking the tires away to get changed just when the tire shop guys are starting to brush off their hands and take deep breaths at the end of the winter tire rush.  Me and  all the other procrastinators.

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