Best phone ever!

Here’s where I found my phone this morning, embedded in the snow and ice of my tire tread, where I ran over it a few times last night.

I don’t know what possessed me to attempt this driveway in 2wD last night but it went sideways halfway, just as my truck did, and two wheels slipped over the edge.  When I opened my door to see how badly I was going to get mangled against the giant rock in the bank I was practically leaning against, I vaguely heard the clink of something falling out the door, but I had other things on my mind.

In 4wD with many backs and forths, I weasled my way out of trouble and escaped with only one little dent on my bumper.

My phone was missing, though.

I had to chip it out of the ice when I found it in the morning, totally unscathed and contentedly blinking “missed alarm”.
People laugh at my chunky old pink Barbie phone, but I swear- best ten bucks I’ve ever spent.

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