Readied for Cuba

What a rare and precious day- to be finished all my have-to-dos by the still sunlit hour of five pm!  I’m just after commenting on how on my very best productive days at full output without hitches, the best I can ever do is to get everything on the list done.  There’s rarely anything left over for spontaneity.  And today, there is!  A whole evening for writing in front of the fire and sewing with new fabric.

The best part is feeling prepared and caught up.   I’m ready to go to Cuba now.

I woke up early, with barely enough light to read by, squinted at my book for a little while in bed, got up and built a fire, cut some firewood, built the structure for my lovely green countertop and stocked it, cut some more firewood, cleaned up a bunch of the old barn, dyed my hair, cleaned and organized the new barn, made some calls and sifted through a couple boxes of row and the year’s paperwork.  I even ate properly.

Sifting through the stacks of random papers that accretes in little heaps is an annual event for me.  So I relate to my tax clients that sort out the box of receipts just before they visit me.  The odd ones that have monthly balance sheets seem a bit alien to me.  Who has time to stop everything once a month to do a balance sheet?  That’s just impractical.

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