One giant leap for Selkakind

It was a big day.  Just two days back from Cuba and two major list items checked off already.

We heaved the monstrously heavy “big stove” into the barn from the house: it is a more appropriate size for the space, and it can keep up with the current air loss, so tonight was the first time the barn has really seen room temperature in the winter.  Aka, the first time I walked about the barn dressed normally for indoor conditions.

I hooked up the propane cookstove, which effectively completes a functioning kitchen, although I am not posting a picture of it.  It is a kitchen which will never be featured in Better Homes and Gardens, despite delightful and fashionable key lime countertop.  I’m surprisingly excited about having an oven and stove, considering how little I believe I enjoy cooking.  I had a very festive grilled cheese sandwich to celebrate.  Yesterday when I had a disappointing “raw” cheese sandwich, I felt very motivated to finally get that propane stove working.

And I bottled wine.  Little-known potentialities of amateur wine bottling events include:  hosing the room down with a siphon gone wild, attempting to fill a bottle that was already full (causing wine geyser), and “sprinting” with wine wet feet down the (laminate floor) hall for another empty bottle when I came up one short.  I had to mop the room afterwards and put all the bottles in the bath for a little shower before putting them away.  How the hell does one control the end in the carboy without disturbing the sediment, kink the hose well enough to shut it off, and hit the right height in each bottle without being able to see through the neck?

Firsthand, I discovered that drinking booze through a hose gets you hosed faster.  That must be the real premise behind beer bong hats and straw shooters, not to mention terms like hosed and hoser.  I was totally unprepared for getting suddenly struck drunk in the middle of the process from restarting the siphon action.  Because the whole event wasn’t stressful enough at that point.

The corking part was fun though.  I think my second bottling should go much better.

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