Whenever I’m forced to say I’m vegetarian, usually in some public place where eating is happening, I’m always asked, “Why?” by someone earnestly curious, while silence blooms around us to eavesdrop.  I flounder to answer this question every time.   Is it that I don’t believe in cruelty to animals?  Do I believe I’ll have better health, better karma, or is it a moral/environmental act -in other words, am I working on my carbon footprint?

All of the above is true for me, but let’s explore some of the “meatier” issues here.

Environmentally, there’s a strong argument that a healthy ecosystem includes grazing animals (Omnivore’s Dilemma).  But then the common mistake is to jump from this fact to defend supermarket steak- a product that is so far removed from ethics and health that it’s no longer defensible.

Yes, our evolutionary ancestors ate meat and our genetics carry the DNA of generations of meat eaters.  However, they hunted!  There were no mammoth feedlots.  As a society we are now inarguably too far removed from the  source of our food and the reality of the food chain.  Remarkable, how a little saran wrap can insulate us so thoroughly from the pain and death involved in the meat we eat.

There’s a very strong argument that vegetarianism is a better health choice.  VERY strong. There remains a counter-argument that  for some, vegetarianism can never provide optimum health (Vegetarian Myth).  However, even that camp can’t deny that North Americans eat too much meat and would benefit from significant reduction.

So, to cut down on meat is better for us individually and collectively, everyone agrees.

But, to cut down, or to quit?  I think  that comes down to a “what feels right?”, for you.

The average American eats 9oz of meat per day (Michael Pollan), and eating meat is connected to every life-shortening disease you could mention- heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.  1/3 of all arable land is devoted to  growing crops for animal food (US FDA), while the vast majority of food calories grown to feed to meat animals is “wasted” on metabolism during the animals growth. On average it takes 20 food calories fed to an animal to get one meat calorie out (Diet For a Small Planet).  Lets not even start in on the vast additional environmental and health problems caused by the overuse of corn to feed the meat industry.  Just watch King Corn.
World Bank agricultural scientists have deemed the meat industry the cause of 51% of global carbon emissions (World Watch).

Chickens and pigs score higher on cognitive tests than dogs and cats, but the latter have legal protection while the former are subjected to entire lives of “unmitigated misery” (Bruce Freidrich). Most people who came within spitting distance of a slaughterhouse would feel disturbed, to put it mildly.  Visiting an industrial abattoir (placed suitably very distant from anywhere residential) as a hitchhiker in a cattle truck several years ago was shockingly traumatic for me, and I din’t even set foot inside the place.

However, the switch over from meat-eating to vegetarian, clearly, does not come from reading a litany of statistics, nor even seeing films of unanesthetized turkeys having their beaks sawed off in a spray of blood and silenced screams.    The facts pointing to better health, better agriculture, and better karma have been available for years.  It seems as though some internal readiness comes first, and then some external trigger finally flips the switch and anchors it.

I was vegan for some years in my twenties, and it didn’t go well.  I found that I couldn’t stay healthy.  In hindsight I see that I didn’t have the discipline and knowledge to be able to sustain my own nutrition.  It takes education, dedication, and responsibility to feed oneself in a balanced way, especially as a vegan.  On the other hand, how else would you want to eat, if not consciously?

Returning to meat,  I contributed to much animal loss of life over the years by eating unconsciously, assisted by the “saran wrap remove”, and believing that I could not be completely healthy, let alone athletic, on a vegetable-based diet (justified frequently with my vegan story).  This is demonstrably bullshit.   Ironman athletes like Brendan Brazier and Dave Scott prove it.  Just last night I learned one of my favorite UFC fighters just went veggie, joining Mac Danzig and others. Continue reading Vegetarian

Next up: Icelandic!

I’ve been making an effort to learn Spanish and Latin American Spanish with a CD course and a small pile of textbooks and dictionaries.   I listen to it in my truck whenever I drive, when I can talk out loud unselfconsciously.   I’m determined to be passable in Spanish before I go back to Cuba.

I would have never guessed I’d dive into it with such a hunger.  I’ve always frowned and humphed anyone who’s suggested I’d probably enjoy languages, but (one of the best signs of total absorption) I get trapped in concentration so complete that I don’t notice the passage of time. Continue reading Next up: Icelandic!

Wine racks

Well, there it is, done.


“Oh, I can knock this together in a couple hours” … HA!  As usual, yeah right.  Just like the “easy” bookshelves, seems these little storage devices take longer to make than I think, every time.  Miles of ripping.  100s of brad nails.  In this case, it also took much more lumber than I thought, considering it’s mostly air.

But, mission accomplished.  Plenty of space for all our homemade wine, several batches at a time.  Since it did turn out to be a mission, I thought it was worth taking a “well, there it is, done” picture.

Hmmm.  I just noticed:  kitchen=shop.  Yep, nothing’s changed since I was 21.


Here’s something that doesn’t happen everyday:  I found a long-dead mouse in the blade housing of my table saw.  Hmmm, why won’t my blade wind down all the way?

I was groping around in there trying to clean out the sawdust and somehow I knew exactly what I was touching the moment my fingers came in contact with this sort of … soft thing, with some give in it.  I clenched my teeth on the revulsion and fished it out, because I had to.  Ew ew ew ewewewewEW!  I cannot scald the feel of desiccated mouse off my fingertips!

“sum dog with no hair”

The site stats provided by WordPress have a fascinating feature: the search terms that have brought people to hit your site (another reason WdPrss rocks).  It’s funny and intriguing.

I really want to know if the person who searched for “fur insulation on my tent” found the answer they were hoping for.  I’m pretty sure whoever searched for the  “nature of colonization rabbi’s cat”, “pack rats in nova scotia”, and a “san pellegrino color scheme” probably left disappointed, while the lucky seeker of  “men with small dogs” now knows they can find many of those in Reyjakvik. Continue reading “sum dog with no hair”