“sum dog with no hair”

The site stats provided by WordPress have a fascinating feature: the search terms that have brought people to hit your site (another reason WdPrss rocks).  It’s funny and intriguing.

I really want to know if the person who searched for “fur insulation on my tent” found the answer they were hoping for.  I’m pretty sure whoever searched for the  “nature of colonization rabbi’s cat”, “pack rats in nova scotia”, and a “san pellegrino color scheme” probably left disappointed, while the lucky seeker of  “men with small dogs” now knows they can find many of those in Reyjakvik.

Did I have enough “beautiful Iceland photos” to satisfy?  I’m afraid the best are on my Facebook, not here, and I was worried whether I’d provided the answer to “who is that twisted Icelandic comic artist?”  Psst, it’s Hugliekker Dagsson!

There are an awful lot of hits generated from building/construction inquiries, such as “insulation for garage concrete floor”, “pallet floor”, and “sheetrock over battered concrete wall”.  This tells me there must not be terribly many sites discussing “unconventional construction materials”, and I know I haven’t been describing the little I’ve done in any technical way.

Finally,  how did “Roxul sucks” get here?  We quite disagree.

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