Wood pile, check.

We have a shed full of assorted wire and fencing that swiftly overflowed to this giant mound of wire behind the shed,  compiled from many small knots of wire that were strewn about the place.  As I undo things and clean deeper, I’ve made an observation about the prior denizen of this property.  Big fan of metal and poly.

I’m reminded of discovering the “creative construction” methods freely wielded at my last house before I owned it.  But this time, it’s gardening techniques, and it’s all plastic and steel.

Grapevines getting unruly?  Airline cable to the rescue.    Gate for the fence?  Metal mattress spring frame it is!  Need to suppress weeds? Feed sacks, clear poly, and my favourite, insulation bags!  Need to support branches?  How about baling wire and rubber?  No matter that that will cut through the bark and the tree will pathetically bulge around it as it struggles to grow, choked by a wire collar.

Everywhere, I’m tearing assorted fencing and yards of barbed wire out of the grass, sod and dirt where it’s grown over.   Continuing my plastic removal rampage, I ripped up another unsightly area of poly and found it was pinned down by a dozen (wait for it), 5-8” lag bolts!  With washers.  Personally, I’d choose a better value application for lags, at $1.50 a pop.

I used a lot of plastic last year, because I ripped up the pond liner(s) and thought it was abhorrent to take all that material to the dump; I wanted to reuse.  But this year, that’s where it’s all going.  It was not a success.  It’s brittle, shatters like glass, and slices like glass too.  Ugh.  I’ll stick to straw from now on.

Somewhere on the way to making fence posts I must have wandered near the rock/wood pile, so I got caught up in that.  Of course, no before picture, but I sorted it out.  I pulled all the wood worth cutting up to burn for heat and piled all the spindly stuff into a burn pile that’s relatively tiny, compared to the mess it was.   Very pleasing.  This brushpile has bothered me all year.

I hate aesthetic dissonance.  Things built without symmetry or balance, piles of junk, and un-like things mixed together bother me deeply.  Order! Balance!  And so, the pile of rocks is beautiful, finally liberated from the mess of branches heaped over it for so long.  Ahhh.

Tomorrow I’ll burn my reduced branch pile.  Perhaps.  What I really should do is cut up the cedar tree behind the barn and burn those branches at the same time.

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