OMG, chicks! They’re so cute!

They just bounce around, like superballs inside of a pompom. Boing boing boing, peck peck peck, bouncing over everything, just zooming around. The two towering birds that look like real birds, almost like doves, and totally different from the puffballs on legs, are the Jersey Giants, I’m pretty sure. Its so weird to see them all just one week old but these two birds four times the size of the smaller breeds. the little ones walk right under them, and between their legs.

Look at that giant one!Very difficult to take pictures of.

Poor little things endured a long drive to get here, and we lost three before getting them home. They were really cute, all the varied anxious cheeping in the box, falling silent as they all promptly went to sleep. Then they woke up on the curvy lake road, clearly protesting the seasick motion of the truck. Already they have distinct, lovely different vocalizations. And they took all of twenty seconds to behave completely at home in their new space, finding the food and water and napping.

They’re ensconced in the chicken coop, in a low box on the floor. Whenever they’re ready to “escape”, well, they’ll just expand their range into their own coop.

But they were very stressed by their long day. One slept in my hand for half an hour, gasping for breath, and I thought it might make it, but once it laid out flat on the sawdust I lost hope. Now I know that that laboured mouth-breathing is the very last stage; it’s hopeless at that point. I saw it die. It took a big breath and stretched, almost kicking, then relaxed. It seemed almost more substantial just after death than before.

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