Raptor stage

What?  Not cute?

They’re not cute anymore.  Feathered feet?

They’re in their awkward, ugly stage; plenty of feathers yet not quite enough.  They look raggedy, a little half-plucked.

Two of them have hardly grown in two weeks, and the biggest two have tripled in size, now looking like full grown chickens, one with hilariously extravagant feathered feet. I still can’t tell which are the roosters, and there still doesn’t appear to be excessive aggression.

The black one that was the No. 3 gangster before I left is now one of the three smallest, having not changed at all in size.  He(?) feels plump and vital though.  They’re funny to hold, all pissed off but helpless at being held upside down.  So undignified!

There are five birds in this pictureOnly one is still downy and fluffy and adorably tiny, adding teensy little peeps to the fracas.  That one is probably still too small to get out of the box at all.  The three smallest stay on the inside now while the rest charge around on the outside most of the time.

They are very very active, bounding around and squawking.

They’re loud, and fast, and messier. They didn’t used to be nearly so paranoid of the cleaning and food and water replacement process either.

And they stink powerfully.

Life must be getting a bit boring in the coop all day.  It’s almost time to release them to investigate their grassy outdoor living room.


Well, I’m home.  I had an unusually great hitchhike from Vancouver after the game/riots – the “this is why I hitchhike!” kind of rides, over and over, it’s was awesome.  There’s so much to do at home that it’s paralyzing.  So naturally, I’ve not been doing much.

Mogi has a kitten that’s ridiculously cute.  Climbs straight up your body with its little needle claws and has to be peeled off like velcro. Now I understand all the kitten vids on youtube. So adorable.

The garden is showing mixed results.   Exactly the opposite of last year, beans, peas and onions are thriving, while the tomatoes are not so much.  It’s been very wet.

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