Entering Oregon

Funny thing happened on the way to the Permaculture Design course…

I arrived late into Eugene and checked in at the hostel as planned, night before the course started.  Not quite like every other hostel I’d ever stayed at, but similar.  People seemed to be renting sleeping space in the tv room, where they get to sleep when everyone else clears out (?).

I was getting shown around in the usual way, and the guided tour ended in my room.  The dorm was full of other girls already, with only one bed empty.  I noticed the girl in the bunk above mine, and I recognized her.  I really recognized her.  I got all excited and burst out, “I know you!  You’re from Canada!”  I practically pounced on her.  The desk girl saw her cue to leave and took off.

The girl sat up in bed, her hair was wrapped in a towel, and she peered at me.  I was immediately embarrassed.  She was familiar, but I realized I didn’t actually know her; she reminded me of someone, or something like that…the feeling of certainty I’d had just ebbed away.  I felt all confused, especially because my recognition had been so strong and striking, but I was wrong.  I mumbled something apologetically, and she was really nice about it.

A few minutes later, we were making the “so what brings you here” small talk, and I said “Oh, I’m going to this permaculture design course tomorrow.”

“The Common Circle course?  Me too!” she said.  She smiled and laughed and said, “so you will know me.”

P.S.  She turned out to be my “best friend” from the course, and there had been at least four of us staying at that hostel that night.

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