Bear in the cherry tree

There're orbs, but there's no bear


Stepped outside last night and was arrested by an unusual sound.  A combination of snorting and rustling, emanating from the cherry tree 40′ from my door.

Yep, a bear.  He was snorting like a pig and shaking the tree like it was in a mighty wind.  I was choked at a) his audacity -SO close to the house, and b) the possibility that he would severely damage the tree.  Another fruit tree was almost destroyed by a bear while I was away – the trunk split, broken by the bear’s weight climbing around in it, half the tree lying on the ground.

So I got some pans to clang together and went at it, crashing them together and beating against the fence, yelling at the bear in the tree.  One of those events that would be quite the spectacle if someone could have witnessed it – me hopping around in my undies, banging pots and and hollering at a tree.  Intermittently taking flash pictures of the tree.  Lucky it was dark.

I got my camera because it was too dark to see the bear, and I thought he might show up in the photos, but the tree hardly showed up in the pictures.

The bear may as well have been deaf and blind.  He didn’t even pause in his noisy, nasal rummaging, just carried on rustling around in that tree.  I could hear him chewing.  Eventually I gave up.  Bear, 4.  Me, 1.

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