Chicken condos!


The girls are almost due to start popping out eggs, so it was time to give them boxes.  I was quite happy to repurpose a decrepit pile of assorted drawers, feed boxes, and hutches, formerly used for a rabbit raising op.  Chickens aren’t fussy, and what the assortment of boxes lack in beauty they make up for in saving time.

We just tacked them back together where they were falling apart and tacked them to the walls however they would fit, and presto, chicken condos!

Also a deluxe new pole near the ceiling for them to roost on, since they crowd together every night, teetering on the highest point of the branch.  I think height on the branch equals status.

Time to start laying, ladies!

My first garlic

Very exciting!  One respectable garlic bulb.  Most of my garlic failed because I planted it far too deep (I don’t know where I thought I heard that it was supposed to go a foot deep), and I planted most of it in the garden that was under water in the early spring.

However, the garlic planted outside of the floodplain did ok.  This fall, I’ll dedicate this year’s kale plot to all garlic.

Here’s my garden, flourishing away, with the scarlet runners just reaching the top of their trellis made of screen doors.  It’s gratifyingly green. Unfortunately, none of my pics were in focus, but my new terrace is now shown with three sections complete.

This year the opposite things are thriving from last year.  Like the beans.  Beans are thriving, and they utterly failed last year.  My watermelons have all expired this year, while the underground onions, squash, and kale are doing great, also in contrast to last year.  On the other hand, the beets and carrots are less than impressive, and neither zucchini nor cucumber are appearing at all.  Only the tomatoes, peas, and pole beans are business as usual.