A lot happened in September.  My husband and I rode our bikes a thousand kilometers, and hitchhiked several hundred more.  We visited hot springs and attended a wonderful Dharma training at Dharmalaya in Eugene, OR.   We built a pole/timber frame structure, and we got married, twice.  I collected a big new scar on my knee, punched a screw gun through my index finger and cut the nerve that used to give me sensation in my fingertip. He got attacked by yellow jackets and got a new tattoo.

His name is H.W.  I’m married now!   It’s tough to do justice to the feeling of this new phase of life- marriage.  I know because I’ve spent a long time staring at that sentence trying to think of how to describe the feeling of this new phase of life.  It definitely is a new stage, making that commitment to walk through the rest of life with someone else, no matter what.  I feel a deeper understanding now of so many others that make that choice; I’m in the Married Club now.

I’m really happy.  Incredibly happy.  I thought I had happy figured out last year, but this plane of happiness is almost bewildering.   Everything is different.  I’m content in a new and unfamiliar way.  I feel extraordinarily lucky and rewarded.  Most of my life I never even believed I would marry nor wanted to, and now all those cliches like “other half” make so much more sense.  I’m equaled, united, part of a team.  Also duplicated.  I am amazed by how much more we can get done together.

I care more than ever about my own health and the importance of staying alive.  Now I’m answerable to more than just me.  It feels so much more secure, and centered, like standing on two legs after balancing on one.  I’m incredibly lucky and honoured to have this experience of love in my life.

It’s amazing.  I’m happy beyond description, that’s all.

Our “whole story” is here, if you have the password to read it.  (Ask me)

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  1. Congratulations, your blog, your life and your marriage is some magical dream that you are lucky to be a part of. Live thoroughly, in this life, you have worked hard, and have been lucky to receive all that you have. Do not waste it.

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