A new threat to the chickens: raccoons.  We’ve been getting relaxed about shutting the chicken hatch at night, and that was a bad idea.  Came home one night and there were three little pairs of beady eyes, one raccoon just trundling out of the henhouse; last night HW busted one in the henhouse again.  Clearly that’s who upset the food trough the other day.  Luckily they seem to prefer chicken food to chicken for food at this point.

3 thoughts on “Coons!?”

  1. I am so lucky not to have had any trouble when I don’t lock my girls in at night, which is frequently.. ours roost quite high so i think that helps them keep out of trouble! c

    1. Yes, mine all jam themselves into the top two boxes in the peak of the henhouse, using about 5% of all their available space, and they’ve never been attacked in their house (fingers crossed).

  2. Wow, that was really fortunate they didn’t go after your hens. More often than not, I have heard a raccoon visit doesn’t turn out okay. A raccoon killed one of my neighbor’s hens last year when they returned home late one night and forgot to ask me to close it. I also found out a hen I sold a few years ago was later killed by a raccoon, in a similar way. Where I live, raccoons are pretty common.

    I like your blog!


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