Canvas- DONE.

(Finally) completed skinning the walls of the barn with canvas.  Used the very last of the roll, too.

I’ve been discovering patches of mold on the canvas these days, always where there is a cold patch, where it’s not as well insulated as the rest of the wall.  It seems to be condensation happening and then molding.

This is the down side of canvas as an alternative to drywall- the only one I can tell.  Well, perhaps the padded wall appearance is not for everyone either, but I love it.  The mold is readily visible on the canvas, but it’s sobering to think that that kind of moisture and maybe mold is happening, hidden, on the other side of drywall, all the time.  Especially knowing how poorly insulation can be installed sometimes.

We’ve been humidifying the barn pretty aggressively lately, too, always boiling down fruit and running the canner til the windows drip, so I’m hoping that has something to do with the mold and it will improve when we lay off preserving.

I’d love to figure out how to work this kink out, because I think the canvas is a fantastic alternative to drywall and I want to rave about it as much as I do about mulch.  Drywall is one of the worst building materials out there for the environmental impact in production (gypsum mining and waste), installation waste (often 30%- board is cheaper than time), and installation misery (unhealthy dust and time-consuming to mud).

Canvas is much much friendlier on all levels.  It is much more natural a product with less environmental impact (a roll of fabric to dozens of sheets of drywall); it installs in one step- a fraction of the time involved in drywall and 100s of pounds less lifting; it’s far far cheaper for materials alone, let alone the labour; it trims out exactly the same (flush mount windows and electrical boxes),  and it’s it’s just as paintable, should you wish.

I was totally planning to paint it, until I fell in love with the natural cotton colour of it, that in my opinion can’t be improved.  So it stays.

3 thoughts on “Canvas- DONE.”

  1. This is a sharp idea. But how sturdy is it if you throw a couple toddlers in there? And do you have to use some sort of medium to make the canvas tight?? Sweet blog. One post and I’ve already got 20 questions. :)

    1. It’s plenty sturdy as long as your toddlers don’t play with box cutters on the reg. The canvas is gently stretched as it’s being stapled on, like a painter’s canvas, and theoretically (untested), it will contract some with a coat of primer. I’ve noticed mine has become significantly more taut just over time. Ty, Michele;)

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