Peeping hens

I was lying on the floor the other, day, probably making a list, when all the chickens came up to the window and started looking in at me.  Pecking on the sill and canting their heads to look out of one beady eye then the other, they peered in the window, eye to eye with me.  I only got awful pictures through the glass, but this one caught one rooster shaking out his big old mane, as he’s wont to do.

Do everyone’s free range chickens run around all winter?I was leaving their coop closed some days, because I thought it was too cold, but it seems no matter how cold it is (-10C), they come rolling out of the henhouse at 8am and spend all day outside trucking around being chickens.  Sometimes they stand on one leg like storks and get pretty puffy, but they definitely like it outside, trolling the compost heap and looking in the front door.

Surely they’ll start spending their days indoors when the snow gets too deep, though.

3 thoughts on “Peeping hens”

  1. I love this idea of the turning world with all its importances tapping away its path through time with a relentless peck and flick of eye. It’s a meditative image. Thanks.

  2. I just let mine run free at this time of year too. When it snows they just stand at their door and stare out, mine hate the snow! So sweet them looking in the window !! were they looking at their reflections?.. c

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