Here’s to No Resolutions!

I’m not on the NY’s Resolution train.  I’m irresolute.

I’ve never been very excited about new years as meaningful points for resolutions.  Maybe the switch from one four-digit number to another isn’t consequential enough to me to provoke any self-reflection.  Maybe I’m just damn satisfied with my life (my life is pretty awesome).  It probably helps to have collective momentum along when one makes big new changes, but January 1 doesn’t appeal to me as a significant threshold to start on.  I just think of the February gym attendance fall-off I’ve witnessed, and all the new non-smokers cranky together at the same time.

Definitely, I have my moments when I get all excited about change.  I make copious lists, wall charts, schedules, and game plans.  It tends to go well.  Not all of the new habit institutions stick, but most do, especially after repeated attempts.   I call these attacks “overhaul projects”, and they could strike any day of any month, although a string of lazy, unproductive or frustrating days could provoke an onset.  At any rate, January 1 doesn’t do it for me.

I asked H.W. if he had any resolutions.  He didn’t, and I didn’t, but he helpfully offered “If you want to make one, we could probably think of one.”  Ha!  Exactly the kind of passion and intensity needed to really be successful.

It sure is nice to have nothing to resolve.

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