I go hard……

I dress in black and I go hard……

I go hard…. Those three words swirl through my mind and ripple across my lips when that primal urge swells up from within me while I’m seated in this throne of self propelled power that is the bicycle. I drag my body and this piece of steel up and over snow covered mountains, through crisp endless dessert, deep into the temperate rainforest, along jagged salty coastline and back again.
I dress in black and I go hard……

I dress in black as I ride an all black machine, this is my neo-geo, Mad Max version of cycling. Man and the machine merging into one parallel shadow soul existence. I am my bicycle, my bicycle is me, we have become one streamline soul that rides the line between two worlds into the sunset.
We dress in black and we go hard….

– H.W.

One thought on “I go hard……”

  1. Great Writing… and great RIDING!!! You would LAUGH at what people call “cold” in the Bay Area! It was a beautiful day in the 50s when I went for a mountain bike ride on Mt. Tam in shorts and shirt. You wouldn’t believe the number of people I met who were almost as bundled up as you are in these awesome pictures! I think some people have to be wearing it just because there are almost no circumstances that actually merit it, but they just want to get some use out of all their cold weather stuff. Your bike set up looks great and it would be interesting to see a post about your gear and what you like about it!

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