Yay for labour-saving devices

I’m proud of conquering one annoying detail of life.

I was fed up with the funnel.

Every time I filled up with biodiesel before, it’s been an awkward dance with a dripping funnel, best executed with two people, at worst balanced with a couple of cold fingers and at least one fatiguing arm muscle balancing the jug and waiting for it ever so slowly to empty.

I got the plumbing parts at a growing supply store for <$8, and the only glitch was that the fitting inside the lid was too big and I had to grind it down for it to make a seal.

But now, the whole operation is dripless, super fast, and streamlined. No more funnel!

My DIY device doesn’t have a breather, but the containers the biodiesel comes in are flexible, so the sides suck in and they still empty into the tank in a few seconds. Easy and expeditious.

Now running bio is just that much more pleasant, and the semi-virtuous mixed feelings about driving continue.

No one can put biodiesel in the tank without smiling:)

Biodiesel in the Kootenays

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