I’ve been gone on a long blog hiatus, as I sometimes do, but this time, I have a better excuse than usual.

Due to bureaucratic whim/circumstances beyond our control, we were suddenly required to uproot and completely relocate at the end of March.  Moving stock and barrel is rough at the best of times, but to have to do it quickly and unexpectedly, with no warning, is traumatizing.

We managed.  It was exhausting, frazzling, and affirming.  We got unexpected help and had wonderful things happen to offset the difficulty, but the whole experience was more or less on par with eating a solid dropkick.  I’ve been doing the emotional equivalent of  sitting and blinking like a lizard suddenly exposed to light ever since, but I’m recovering the faculty of movement, optimism, and the sense that everything is turning out for the best.  For a long while we were just telling ourselves and each other that it would surely turn out for the best, while the present moment was most definitely sucking.

Coming so soon on the heels of completing the barn reno made the title of this blog post cruelly ironic.  Since I’d expected to be able to enjoy the finished barn suite/home for at least a little while, having to leave it abruptly on the eve of completion was sad and painful.  Now our next fixer-upper is an 11′ long little project.

Now I live in the USA.  We are temporarily settled into a corner of the Pacific Northwest, staying with friends who are living and studying sustainable agriculture, so there is an abundance of poultry, mulch, and weeding to make us feel at home.

Forth!  Blogging on this channel will resume shortly….

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