Lock alternatives

Here’s a workaround for a broken lock mechanism on a SurfSide TM-14.

The locking mechanism is broken, and a locksmith said to replace the whole thing, which wasn’t doable, so we created a new locking mechanism.
Behold, a U-bolt.

Drill two holes the gauge of the U-bolt behind the door latch.
The holes go right through to the inside. Put the U-bolt through, put the nuts on. Use lock-tite. Cut off the tails if you like. Probably it will be a little loose in order to have room for the shackle of the padlock.
Drill a hole the gauge of the padlock shackle in the door latch itself. Put it in the right place, using some imagination and foresight.
See, the padlock should thread smoothly through the U-bolt and then the hole in the latch, preventing the latch from opening.

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