5-star Compost Accommodation

H.W. built a deluxe compost bin for our current hosts.

The wood was salvaged from twisted, warped and collapsing old raised beds, but it cooperated very well when cut down into shorter lengths.

Yes, pressure treated wood is not good for contacting any dirt you grow food in, but it was available, “up”-cyclable, and probably already finished its nasty copper leaching after some years of exposure.

The boxes are 5’, 4’, and 3’, based on the idea that the ideal volume for compost to reach cooking temperatures is 4’ cubed.  However, the initial box always reduces in the first weeks before it’s time to move to the second, so making that box bigger means you’ll more likely get a full second box.  The third box is more storage than active, so if it gets utilized, it will handily hold the reduced volume of the cooked-down second box.

Altogether, a beautifully executed design for a closed compost.  The front pieces lift out one at a time, and the lid for holding in moisture is loose boards, also easily removable.

I think it’s funny because it looks like a big dresser.  Take the bucket of food scraps out and throw them into the backyard sock drawer!

The Five-Pallet Compost rather on the opposite end of the luxury spectrum, but still functional.

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  1. Wow! That is a beautiful example of re-use. Looks like something you would pay big bucks for on one of those feel-good “green” gardening sites.

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