Real Christmas Spirit

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Yesterday, my husband had a remarkable thing happen to him.  He was shopping at Fred Meyers for a set of sheets.  After he picked them out he collected some groceries too.  He was sure he had a $100 bill left in his wallet, until he checked out, when he realized he’d broken that bill earlier and didn’t have nearly enough cash (and no cards) with him.

Since he was using the self checkout, he had to get the attendant lady’s assistance, telling her that he would just take these sheets and one other thing.  She was scuffling to help him cancel his extra groceries when another customer in line piped up, “Hey, how much are you short?”

My husband brushed him off, saying, “No, man, it’s not just a couple bucks.  It’s like 58 dollars total, I’ve only got 30 bucks or so.”

The other customer said it was no issue.  “It doesn’t matter.  Just put in what you’ve got, and I’ll pay the difference.”

My husband paid all his cash and the stranger swiped his card for the balance, about $26, as though it was trivial.  They shook hands, my husband warmly thanked him, and he walked off.

What the anonymous benefactor had no way of knowing, though, was that the set of sheets he helped to buy was a Christmas gift for the nine-yr-old daughter of one struggling local family.  A local fitness club started a project for their clients to donate a tree, food, and gifts so that this family could have a Christmas, and we’d picked this gift to get for the little girl.   Having sheets for her bed was one of her big wishes for Christmas.

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