2012 in review: Ok. We’re all still here.

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I love the WordPress annual report.  Here’s mine, although it’s pretty torturous to watch, at least on my browser.  The world’s slowest, meekest fireworks.  If I waited outside for a show like this, I’d be pissed.

Although I eschew resolutions (I make those every New Week or less), it is a nice time to review.

So besides that the world didn’t suddenly end…

2012 on the whole was pretty damn rough.  It started out fine, but when my husband was unexpectedly denied entry to Canada, I moved all I own in two weeks, abandoned my garden, we left the lovely cozy barn we just finished, lived in a tent until we got the camper habitable, and proceeded to make a long-term habit of roaming around like itinerant snails with our camper.

I should have learned by now that it’s best to tell the whole truth at the time, but I hate that.  It’s SO much easier to say “We lived in a tent for a month”, rather than say “Here we are in the tent!”, over and over, for a month.  Past tense isn’t raw.  For the record, it was a big, clean tent.  Really the Hilton of tents.  That’s a small consolation while you’re IN the tent.  It definitely provided motivation for camper completion.  I never expected to have to travel quite so long-term, though.  I didn’t think dedicated RVing would be on the menu for at least 4 more decades.

Pretty grim; very high stress.  Our first year of marriage, yay.

On the up side:

We still got our travel in.  We went to Hawaii, and survived the tornadoes there.  In fact, we did quite a bit more traveling than we planned on. Our first anniversary passed without incident on the roll.  We went back to Iceland.  I have yet to process or really distill that yet.  Unsurprising, since I still haven’t finished writing about the first time, in 2010.  Iceland is far different already than it was two years ago.

We got a new fantastic job.  Just two days after I decided I had to get some work and H.W. spontaneously described his ideal job (“I want to work outside, be independent and in charge of our time and choices, work with you [me, the wife], and make good money”), BOOM, there it was, all of the above.  That was pivotal to making it through 2012.

Above all, while we were busy scrambling for places to park and camp and catch a breath, we were supported over and over with unexpected love and friendship.  The real story of the year was both of us learning to ask for help and accept it, and in the process finding fantastic friendships that were worth every bit of the struggle.

Back to the world not ending though, did anyone feel a tiny bit disappointed?  So it’s on us, after all.  There’s  big mess to clean up and a lot to sort out if we’re gonna keep living here, and no cataclysm swooped in to get us off the hook.

One thought on “2012 in review: Ok. We’re all still here.”

  1. I just love having you in my life, Selka. Our lives are so different…but our spirits harmonize. Yes…I have to say…there was a tiny part of me that was disappointed that the world didn’t end..not surprised though. After the y2k UNhappening…I’m more skeptical….but I think if most of us are honest…we would admit that our souls long for change…for answers. Love you Selka!!!!!!

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