Happiness Jar

When I saw this on Facebook I loved it and immediately shared it, saying “So doing it!”.  I didn’t immediately do it, though, knowing that it would be there on my FB so I couldn’t forget.

Then I was in my friend’s kitchen and she proudly showed me her fancy happiness jar on the kitchen table.  Not only that, she described how she had shared my share, and some of her FB friends had enthusiastically announced they’d made theirs before she had.  Uhoh, she thought, I have to get mine in action, I posted it and they’ve already done it.  That made me feel a little more queasy, as I hadn’t done it yet, and there were already certainly two degrees, possibly three, of enactment already sparked from my post.

Well, it’s done now, and we had several slips to top it up with from the first month of this year.

I love this idea because it has multiple elements of happiness-causing behavior.  It creates a tradition, creates a handy year-in-review memorabilia, and amplifies happiness by creating (at least) two chances to recollect the happy event: in the writing it down and the year-end reading.  The slips can all be stuck on something, laminated, reduced on a photocopier, or photographed to make something artistic and lasting yet small.  Brilliant!

Here's mine
Here’s mine


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