My husband is broken

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H.W. broke his arm two weeks ago crashing a motorcycle.  His elbow broke off.  He had surgery to put a plate in with some screws, and then a few days later the immobilizing splint came off!  Now for 6 weeks he may move his arm as much as comfort allows, to regain range of motion, but he can’t lift more than a pound with it.  And no bikes, motor or no.

Already, you wouldn’t know he has a broken arm, he’s so darn active again, but it was a bit hectic there for a couple weeks, and it’s dismally bad timing at the beginning of summer and work season.

To preempt all the arising questions, here are the answers: No one else was involved or hurt.  Sudden front-end wobble, at about 60mph on the interstate.  Possibly the front wheel wasn’t in perfect balance(?).  He’s very lucky he was not run over and killed by other traffic.  He’s very lucky he was wearing full gear.  The jacket he was wearing is shredded.  WEAR YOUR DAMN EQUIPMENT ON MOTORCYCLES, PEOPLE!  I see T-shirts and jeans going 75mph all the time.  He got up and walked away, and actually rode the bike away from the scene, with a broken arm and some cracked ribs.  The motorcycle is not very ok; may be totaled.  That’s not a big deal; we are both alive.  He was very funny all hopped up on pain killers and post-anesthetic, but he tired of resting and watching movies all too soon.

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  1. Oh no H.W.! I’m so sorry. Sending lots of love and healing thoughts for a quick recovery! We’re so glad you are alive!
    Love, Madhu and Ravi

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