Quails and rabbits, oh my.

There’s been a quail family around this summer, with an impressive group of young (about 9).  Turns out that’s merely the low side of average for a quail family, but I’m still impressed with Mum, scurrying a wide zigzag herding all those little quailings.  The chicks are constantly running in all directions and being corralled back into a group. Quails are funny to start with with their pear shaped bodies, head decorations, and preference for speedwalking.

This family has three adults attending the chicks, and it’s always fun to catch them on the road.  Hard to catch on camera though.


Now the chicks are all being herded down the shoulder into the scrub.


We have rabbits too, always rabbits.  Especially morning and evening rabbits.  Scampering across the road, running along (OMG, a fence!) and diving into the brambles.  We were watching a mama rabbit one evening in the backyard, right under the deck, and a pile of creeping, fluffy bunnies, so little they just push themselves along on their bellies with their back legs.

The mama rabbit sat up, arching her back and  bracing herself on long outstretched forepaws, as all the little bunnies pushed and clambered their way under her to nurse.  Then as if they’d been told to do it, they all scooted up to the base of a tree and burrowed under the loose leaves, hiding themselves completely, and mama went on eating in the back yard.  Adorable!  We didn’t take pictures because a) we didn’t know then that that was our only baby rabbit sighting of the year, and b) didn’t want to move and interrupt them.

Here’s an unrelated rabbit, one that happens to live in the median between a highway and a parking lot:


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