We are here!

IMGP6538We are here!

A few days after my 40th birthday we finally arrived at our Nova Scotia property, to stay.

The waiting and preparing and working towards is over; we are here.

I was oddly shaky the night we arrived, trembling, and exhausted, as though I was burning out at the end of a marathon (which I don’t know anything about firsthand, but I’ve seen pictures of braver people that evoke how I felt). Every day and week up until now, work got done, list items were eliminated, bureaucratic necessities coped with, so that, arriving- a final hurdle, means that one list of have-to-dos has become very short, and another project is about to be begin. A new list is about to be written. But this time, it’s all part of something that we believe in, that we want to do and have dreamed into being already.

We are ready to be here. The relief is very big. It doesn’t flip like a switch, though, from distress to joy. Our bodies ease us through transitions, unfolding slowly into new states of being. Not unlike plants.

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