I was snipping down scrub in the field when there was a rustling at my feet and IMGP6583tiny brown furballs came scuffling into view.  I thought they were voles I’d disturbed at first.  Then I caught one and brought it to H.W.

Adorable!  Too small to be perturbed about capture, they were just happy to be warm and held.   They were in a little bowl of a nest in the grass.  I always thought rabbits had their young underground, that that’s what warrens were for.

We caught the rest, H.W. fortified their little area so we wouldn’t walk over it accidentally again, and we put them back. Since then we’ve avoided them, so we don’t know how they did, or if mama was too scared to come back to them.  We’ve seen rabbits around, though- big brown robust rabbits, nearly like jackrabbits.

Each of them had a little white tuft between the ears.


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