Shade and energy

IMGP7044Put a rain and shade shelter over the tiny green camper, to help it last longer and give us some added protection.  Happy with how the experimental design turned out.  Tying it in (literally-knots only for fastening) to two living trees makes it all “breathe” satisfactorily in what wind we’ve seen so far.  I’d be afraid that the tarp sail would promptly take out our posts if that’s all we had.  The shade and bigger dry perimeter is very nice.





Got our wiring sorted out, too, and am very happy to discover that the solar panel handily charges two laptops, two cordless tool batteries, phones, camera batteries, and more in one sunny afternoon, without a blip on the battery voltage (ie. still a surplus of energy).  That’s pleasing, because that is most of our electric energy needs.  Currently for cooking, on demand solar shower, and the generator (to run power tools), we are using a bit less than a pound, or a dollar, of propane a day.  Not bad.  After that is driving fuel, which is currently about one day a week, which we expect to cut in half and reduce to once  per month before long, and chainsaw gas, fairly minimal.

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