Tropical storm Arthur

We had two trees fall near the old farmhouse in the morning, missing it, but we didn’t think much of the weather.  For all we knew, this was routine wind for Nova Scotia.  Only when we went out to “town” that we found the power was off everywhere, trees were hanging on power lines and the roads all over, and the storm was a big enough deal to have a name: Arthur.



A third big poplar by the house had a dramatic diagonal split in the trunk, and was creaking in the wind.   I was really hoping it would come down on its own so that we wouldn’t have to fall it- danger tree.  The storm was not bad through the day, but later on picked up a bit.  I was outside watching, attempting and utterly failing to capture on video the drama of the young trees bending so impressively in the roaring wind.  I love storms, although the wind started to break plants in the garden, and tore the fresh first pair of leaves off half our bean plants.  The beans were doing so well, too.

The cracked tree held out all day, and finally, thankfully, came down just before dark.  It twisted around like unwinding and fell opposite the other two, also refusing to hit the house.  Apparently the house has a tree repelling force field around it and is determined to survive, so I guess we’ll have to save it.  Our camper  shelter came through unscathed too; the young trees it’s tied into bent plenty but held out without trouble.

It’s nice to be off-grid.  Every day is a power outage.

Assessing, the next day

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