The mixed feeling dog.
The mixed feeling dog.

He’s a real handsome dog.
We adopted him knowing he had every problem in the book, still believing that we could rehab him and it would be worth it.  Could be hubris, and he might not be worth it.
He’s coming along impressively, but he’s still frustrating and disappointing.
Since the attack the dog is never unattended, and I have trouble trusting him.  I’m nervous all the time about him snatching a bird.
The big hens don’t take him very seriously, drinking from his bowl, and walking so close they jump over his tail.
He got a piece of Friendly while she was doing her camper-hovering thing, and luckily I was there.  She was dishevelled, offended, and ultimately undeterred.

What is it with dogs and tomatoes?  This is the second tomato-thieving dog we’ve known.  I had him tied in the garden with me and he edged up to the first nearly-ripe tomato.  I thought he was smelling it, but next thing I knew it was a mangled mess between his paws.  I didn’t want to make a big deal of it, thinking You’d better eat that now you’ve chewed on it.  He did.  When he started sidling up to another nearly-ripe tomato, though, I moved him to a tomato-free zone.

Turns out he’ll eat any vegetable you offer him.

This is a tomato he was given
This is a tomato he was given

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