Got the greenhouse up!  An inflatable with aluminum ribs and a steel ridgepole, it’s a beautifully designed structure.  It’s my first GH, but I’ve seen a few, and I’m impressed with this one.  I’m glad we were encouraged to buy from Multishelter Solutions.

It’s been a flatout race.  My hens are getting picked off and I’m desperate to get them under a roof, and the winter is coming fast.

As it turns out, it is possible to erect one of these alone, but as you can see, it’s not safe building practices, and I do NOT recommend it.  I survived, though.


The ridgepole come in sections with tabs that hold 8 ribs, four on either side.  I put two on one side, walked it up the ladder with another rib in my hand, connected it.  Very dodgy.IMGP8274

As soon as I got the second rib on the other side, it was stable.  One stable section.  All the ribs sleeve onto pins pounded in the ground.IMGP8277

All the ribs installed and purlins.  So this section can torque, but will not come down.  The “foundation”.

Next comes the next section of ridgepole, that connects to the first.


Even dodgier.  Yes, it is now supported only by that ladder, until I can get the ribs attached to that section.


And the very last section of ridgepole, now pretty late.


Then there was a couple days of end framing, installing the baseboard along the perimeter, cross bracing, and lots of bolts, before it was time for plastic.

I was beyond exhausted driving to get this done, so we’re lucky I took any pictures.

For plastic day we had a crowd of lovely people come to help stretch the poly on the ends of the greenhouse, and pull the big sheet over top.


All done.  I cut the doors in later and framed doors on the end.



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