New greenhouse residents

The chickens are moved into the greenhouse.

We did night moves, transporting a couple surprisingly heavy boxes of birds (that’s a robust rooster) and setting those in the greenhouse to quiver and grumble.

Then we took the roofs off the coops (most of the weight is in the roof of each coop) and trudged the coops royal litter style across the field and into the GH.  Reassembled, refilled with straw, added disgruntled birds.

I rigged up a length of canvas to separate the big birds from Silkieland, clamping the ends of the fabric to the GH ribs.

In case they peck at the plastic, I filled all the gaps with feed sacks.  One fits perfectly between a pair of ribs.

I left the bale of straw, still banded, in the GH, thinking nothing of it.

I released the birds from their coops in the morning, then when I went to check on them a couple hours later, I found this.

IMGP8345That explains the worrisome silence, like ignored toddlers.

Birds are like “Oh, we were almost finished!  We just needed a little more time.  The bands slowed us down”.

Since the straw was supposed to last for a long time for refreshing the coops, not one morning’s entertainment for the birds, I bagged it up and dumped it on the Silkieland side, where I expected it would be much safer.  The Silkies don’t alter their environment much at all.


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